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Comic 24 - Calling in Sick
4th Jan 2017, 10:51 PM
Calling in Sick
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Author Notes:
peahen edit delete
*Actually heard said by a radio interviewee last night. To be fair I might have misheard a bit, and to be even more fair I've taken it out of context and the person deserves a bit more sympathy. But it still definitely implies a fairly laid-back attitude to calling in sick. I've been self-employed for most of my working life, a situation where you get paid purely on output and merit. (Lucky I'm not trying to earn a living doing these....) So the concept of 'employment' as we know it (an ongoing agreement to pay a regular and fixed amount - with holiday and sick pay - based on attendance rather than production) seems increasingly weird. And it probably breeds the kind of attitude shown here.
User comments:
Miaubol edit delete reply
Self-employment may even mean that you have to work even though you're really really really sick. Been there.. D:

Yep, a whole lot of it boils down to ownership, do you own your job, or does the job own you ;)