Comic 30 - That water looks murky
30th Aug 2017, 7:14 PM
That water looks murky
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Author Notes:
peahen edit delete
An exercise - exploring an old joke.

I'm not sure whether the original of this was really a joke. I didn't get it. I had it explained to me at one point and I still remain skeptical that it's a real joke. Probably one of those 'Emperor's new clothes' things to see whether you're brave enough to speak up and say that it doesn't make sense.

Anyway - sketches have been written about the joke and here we're trying to find variations on it.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
It's the ultimate test to see if you have a dirty mind
Paddy O-Table edit delete reply
Paddy O-Table
Well, first off..a Nun's soap on a rope would be in the shape of a cross. Divine, yet handy for female masturbation. A Jesus dildo so to speak.