Comic 26 - If car ownership was like a relationship
10th Apr 2017, 8:56 PM
If car ownership was like a relationship
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peahen edit delete
* translation: it's not me, it's you
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area5.1 edit delete reply
The inside of the car would have given me a lot of problems. I like the way you kept it simple and used the dialogue box to mask it.
zaptoid edit delete reply
What's a Ford dealership doing in England??? I thought you'd have Lord Chappington's Precise Motors or something..I'm disappointed...
peahen edit delete reply
That made me laugh! Ford are the only cars most people have heard of here, unless they like a visible indication of their credit status, in which case they have a BMW. Unfortunately Lord Chappington and most of his contemporaries went out of business when the Japanese started to import cars that didn't stop when it rained (which is most of the time here). If you've seen an Austin Allegro (with its famous square steering wheel, I kid you not) you'll see why the only people making cars here now are Aston Martin, who have two customers; James Bond and Prince Charles; one of whom is fictional and the other a secret service agent.
zaptoid edit delete reply
I must admit that all I know of England is what I see on the tv. Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers, the Midsomer Murder series and the Great British Baking Show. It sounds like America except that we don't bake..or have Panthers..plenty of murders though..a few hundred per day...