Comic 2 - WTF Mother Nature
5th May 2016, 3:03 PM
WTF Mother Nature
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Author Notes:
peahen edit delete
* Genuinely heard in a news bulletin, although selectively quoted.
I opted for a nice plump Bacchante for my Mother Nature, seems appropriate to me that the creator would enjoy the good things. It highlights the message that we might focus a little too much on the quantity of life rather than the quality. And maybe it's our shenanigans that have driven her to drink...
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
It's mother nature all over isn't it. There's always something attacking something else.

Then cell mutation these days is better known for causing cancer.

But I take your point - too much of a good thing (and all that).

Very Nice work BTW.

(nb. no wonder mother nature is blushing, her dress appears to have come undone.)
zaptoid edit delete reply
Actually humans aren't meant to live passed 40. But miracles of science are keeping us alive longer so that we can develop all sorts of interesting cancers.....
peahen edit delete reply
That's right Zap, you fix one thing so that you live longer and end up with something (perhaps worse).

An angle I didn't feel there was room for is that the two triggers that our protagonist throws at Mother Nature, we ought to take a certain amount of responsibility for - deliberately breathing in a known carcinogen, and blowing a hole in the ozone layer.

A5.1 - The rosy cheeks are simply down to good health and enjoying that glass of wine in her hand. Far from slipping down, she's hitched things *up* a little for the sake of a sensitive audience.
zaptoid edit delete reply
It is odd isn't it? Humans purposely inhale smoke via cigarettes or whatever. Aliens would no doubt find this fascinating. I used to smoke and count myself as one of the stupid. :)
Nef edit delete reply
I just imagined you as a walking lung... It was not a pretty visual.

I tend to prefer women that have an exterior layer of skin.
peahen edit delete reply
Yeah, certainly is a gruesome thought.

But cutting out all of the hard work of breathing in and out - bonus!