Comic 33 - Bad role model
21st Mar 2018, 10:17 PM
Bad role model
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Author Notes:
peahen edit delete
A true story. But then I don't watch much telly and I don't think I ever saw Byker Grove. That's my excuse. What's yours?
User comments:
Paddy O-Table edit delete reply
Paddy O-Table
My excuse? I don't live in England.
area5.1 edit delete reply
It's an Ant & Dec thing. They always show them on TV the way around so that you know who's who (Ant on the left, Dec on the right)
area5.1 edit delete reply
Yeah - you got me good with that one. (well played)
peahen edit delete reply
It was genuinely quite disturbing. I still can't quite believe that that one's Ant. Have they swopped over at some point, or are they generally interchangeable?